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A group of British prison tokens, 19th - 20th century

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Post-auction sale

Post-auction sale


Convict's cross of a death candidate "Sinner Newgate Repent, Prison" made of two copper sheets soldered together, with engraved string at the top. Height 18.5 cm. Convict's cross made of copper sheet "Newgate Prison 1871". Marked on the back "D, 2133". Height 5 cm. Prisoner's mark " W ... PESTON", marked on reverse "Convict 774002". Copper, diameter 3 cm. Prisoner's mark "J. Wall, convict". Marked on reverse "53441". Convict mark in bone "H.M.P. Brixton". Year on reverse "1903". Diameter 2.8 cm. Anepigraphic prisoner's mark. The front with incised prison front, the back with heart. Diameter 2.2 cm.
Rare, culturally and historically exceptional group of historic prison tokens from the United Kingdom.

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