Lot 4750

A Victory Parade Uniform for a General

Orders & Military Collectibles from 1919 | A90r | Live auction | 80 Lots


Blue-green wool tunic, double-breasted, red piping on front panel, rear vents, cuffs and collar. Front panel and rear vents secured by golden embossed wreath/hammer & sickle buttons. Collar and cuffs with hand-embroidered gold wire oak leaf pattern. Shoulder boards of gold brocade, with silver embroidered star at center, piped in red wool indicating armor/artillery commander. Lined in grey rayon. Visor in blue-green wool with black velvet center band, red wool piping, gold wire direct embroidered wreath, with golden metal and red enameled cockade, braided wire chin cords retained by side buttons. Black lacquer visor, grey rayon lining with gilt manufacturer's impression on black leather diamond. Light brown leather sweatband with green tie string, complete with cap spring. Size approx. 56 cm. Brocade belt with vertical tongue indicates first victory parade. Includes all awards (not original to tunic).

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