Lot 4701

A uniform M 40 and equipment of a member of the Corps Carabinieri Reali Reggimento (CCRR), 1940s

Orders & Military Collectibles from 1919 | A90r | Live auction | 80 Lots


Bicorn hat of black felt with black leather sweatband, fine grey linen cover, on the obverse the embroidered grenade emblem and the sovereign's cipher "VE". Field tunic of coarse field grey wool cloth (small losses) with smooth wood buttons, four pockets (two pocket buttons missing) and collar patches of white fabric with one aluminium star on either side, grey herringbone silk lining (small losses) with the ink stamps "Magazino Centrale Militare VE / Firenze" and "Taglia III/2". The trousers made of the same fabric (small holes), field grey blouse, field grey sweater, a pair of hobnailed ankle boots with puttees and grey leather belt with holster and two-piece magazine pouch. Also a gas mask in a textile bag, canteen, and backpack. Partially slightly damaged, signs of age. Very rare and comprehensive set.

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