Lot 4171

A field tunic for an infantry lieutenant from the "Feldherrnhalle" division

Orders & Military Collectibles from 1919 | A90r | Live auction | 80 Lots


A privately purchased item in fine, field-grey gabardine (moth damage, a small repair to the right sleeve) with a dark green collar and field-grey buttons. The dark green silk lining with minor losses to the fabric, a vent for the sidearm. Silver-embroidered breast eagle. Silver-embroidered collar patches with white piping. Stitched shoulder boards of matte, flat cords with white underlay and the division's special gold appliqués.
The cuff band on the right sleeve in BeVo issue. Sleeve length 60 cm, chest measurement 84 cm, length 61 cm.

Condition: II - Questions about the lot?

General Information

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