Lot 4037

Hubert Klausner, Gauleiter of Carinthia - a set of golden party badges of the NSDAP as an honorary award

Orders & Military Collectibles from 1919 | A90r | Live auction | 80 Lots


Unsigned Deschler production of gilt non-ferrous metal. The large 30 mm version for the uniform with flat vertical pin on the reverse, gift engraving "A.H. 30.1.39" and "GES. GESCH.". The small 24 mm version for the civilian suit with horizontal pin and identical engraving "A.H. 30.1.1939". In a presentation case covered with red Morocco leather and lined with cream coloured velvet with indentations for both badges. With a visibly worn, handmade armband from the early years in Austria with three stamps on the side, and a lozenge-shaped sleeve patch identifying the wearer as an NSDAP Stabsleiter with the date "1930" signifying the year he joined the party.
Also a cover letter of the Austrian Chancellor's office, dated Vienna 19 November 1936, with the information: legally binding punishment, loss of all earnings during his suspension from service in the Austrian military due to his political activities. A letter from Rainer, the later Gauleiter of Carinthia, to Klausner's widow Helene, dated 15 January 1942. Also an obituary with a short biography of Gauleiter Hubert Klausner, written by a political companion and fellow party member, dated 10.10.1939.

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