Lot 2069

A pair of Viennese deluxe wheellock pistols, Master of the Animal-head Scroll, circa 1630/40

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A90s | Live auction | 77 Lots


Octagonal, smoothbore barrels in 13 mm calibre. Engraved foliage décor at the muzzle and breech-end of the barrels, decorative, silver-inlaid tendrils (abraded, with imperfections here and there) on the barrel tops. The locks with external wheel and finely chased wheel mounts. The flash pans with spring-loaded, sliding covers. Remnants of decorative, silver-inlaid tendrils on the lockplates. The full stocks made of walnut with carved floral embellishment in relief, both pistols with a depiction of a lion rampant and grotesque masks on the side opposing the lock. The number "19" stamped into the top of the buttstocks. The faceted iron pommel caps and the trigger guards with remnants of decorative, silver-inlaid tendrils. Original, iron-tipped wooden ramrods. Length of each 55.5 cm.
Without doubt, given the style of the stocks, these pistols may be attributed to the famous 'Master of the Animal-head Scroll', whose works are documented between 1624 and 1659. It is safe to assume that he worked for the imperial court of Vienna. Many of his works are featured in renowned collections and museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

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