Lot 1602

An Egyptian canopic jar with Imseti lid, 26th dynasty, 664 - 525 B.C.

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Ovaloid canopic jar of alabaster for the liver of a mummified person. The lid shows the face of the young, man-headed Imseti, son of Horus, under whose magical protection the contents were placed. Besides Duamutef, Qebehsenuef and Hapi he was one of the four sons of Horus, who had been responsible for the protection of the viscera and were represented on the lids of canopic jars in human or animal form since the 19th dynasty.
Traces of dark colour pigments around the finely cut eyes and on the forehead at the base of the headscarf. Small old chip behind the left ear, slight knocks at the rim of the lid. Otherwise in excellent condition. Height 38 cm.
Provenance: From a Belgian private collection, acquired in 2011 on the Swedish art market. Previously from the collection of James Keiller (1836 - 1918), Särö, Sweden. Since 2015 in commission with a German art dealer.


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