Lot 1601

A kneeling limestone statue of a pharao, Late Period - Early Ptolemaic Period, 7th - 3rd century B.C.

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Hammer price € 11,000

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Expressive, three-dimensional kneeling statue of a pharao. On his head he wears the khepresh crown. The Uraeus serpent and the flat goatee are chipped off. By contrast, the ears, the tip of the nose and the fine features of the face are exquisitely preserved. The arms extending from broad shoulders are lowered, the elbows are bent and extended above the gently rising thighs. The palms of the hands rest flatly on the legs. The torso is bare, a knee-length apron is girted around his waist. Broken off the original base. Fractured and reassembled from numerous pieces. No modern replacements. High-quality craftsmanship with numerous details. Height 29 cm.
Provenance: From a Franconian private collection. Acquired from an art dealer in Paris in the 1960s.

Condition:II -

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