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A cased pair of percussion pistols, T. Perrins, Windsor, circa 1850

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Octagonal rifled barrels in cal. 13,5 mm, the Damascus steel texture finely showing on the surface. Dovetailed rear and front sights made of silver (?). Proof marks on the underside of the barrels. One nipple broken. Iron percussion locks finely engraved with scrolling leaves, one hammer damaged (chipped). En suite engraved iron furniture, the original finish > 95%. Walnut full stocks with chequered butt stocks, one fore-end with a minor chip in the muzzle area. Hinged iron ramrods. Mechanically sound. Length ca. 31 cm. In original wooden case, lined with green baize, signs of wear and tear. Glued to the inside of the lid the original maker’s label, original bullet mould, some of the other accessories modern replicas. No key. Brass plate with engraved name of a previous owner. Size 39.5 x 22 x 6 cm.
Thomas Perrins, gunmaker 1843-1868, cf. Stöckl Vol. 2, p. 942.

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