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Four cased percussion pistols, Pondevaux & Jussy, St. Etienne, circa 1850

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Among them a pair of long percussion pistols with blued Damascus steel barrels with multi-groove rifling in 12.5 mm calibre with patent breech blocks and dovetail sights. Gold inlaid numbers "1" and "2", respectively. Back-action, slightly engraved percussion locks, each signed "PONDEVAUX & JUSSY A ST.ETIENNE". Carved walnut half stocks with en suite engraved iron furnitures. Length of either pistol 39.5 cm.
With a pair of percussion terzerols with turn-off rifled Damascus steel barrels in 10 mm calibre with florally engraved receivers, folding triggers and fluted ebony stocks. Length of either pistol 17.5 cm.
In velvet lined wood case with complete, extensive accessories such as key, two bullet moulds, nipple pick, cleaning rod, hammer, powder flask etc. Dimensions 50.5 x 30 x 7.5 cm.
Pondevaux & Jussy, St. Etienne/France, active 1845 - 1880.

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