Lot 2065

A deluxe wheellock puffer, lavishly inlaid in bone, Nuremberg, circa 1570

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A90s | Live auction | 874 Lots


Octagonal to round barrel with a smooth bore in calibre 14 mm, the muzzle flared. The top of the barrel entirely covered in etched ornaments, the Nuremberg proof mark stamped at the breech. Delicately engraved wheellock with external safety lever. The spring-loaded pan cover with a release button. The Nuremberg proof mark stamped on the lock plate, together with the master's mark "CK" and a jug (see Der neue Stöckel, no. 7731). An iron belt clasp screwed onto the side opposite the lock. The walnut full stock with extremely elaborate inlays of engraved and blackened bone. Depictions of soldiers and animals surrounded by fine decorative tendrils. A soldier on horseback between two fierce lions on the side opposite the lock. The spherical pommel with brass appliqués in relief, the finial with a fully sculptured lion's head mascaron. Etched iron trigger guard. The wooden ramrod with engraved bone tip. Length 42 cm.

Condition: II

Condition Report:

In exquisite, untouched original condition. The metal surfaces lightly
pitted in places. The stock inlays in good original condition, with no
significant defects or replacements. Questions about the lot?

General Information

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