Lot 3450

A parade cuirass for officers of the Garde du Corps regiment, since 1912

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Hammer price € 4,200

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Assembled. Steel with applications of non-ferrous metal, surrounded by round studs of non-ferrous metal (fastened with cotter pins), screwed to the ridged breastplate a silver-plated trophy plate with enamel-like finish in the centre. The back made in the same fashion, attached to it scaled and leather-backed shoulder straps (torn off on the left) on lion heads, strap locks with applied oak leaves. The insides rusty, no stamps or lining. With leather cartridge box featuring an enamelled guard star (pins missing) and silver bandolier with red cloth backing (slightly moth eaten). The mannequin included in the lot. Partially incomplete, surfaces with patina, rubbed, small dents, iron partially pitted. Very representative cuirass of the Prussian Guard Cuirassiers, a heavy cavalry regiment.

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The auction starts on Thursday, Nov. 25, 2021 at 10 am (CET). Lot no. 3001 - 3522. The pre-sale view will take place from 15 - 20 Nov. 2021 in our auction rooms at Bretonischer Ring 3 in 85630 Grasbrunn / Munich from 11 am to 5 pm (CET).