Lot 3337

A helmet M 1800/06 for enlisted men of the Bavarian Infantry

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The high leather skull with black lacquer (scuffed, renewed), made in two parts, front and rear visor. The black wool crest attached with cords. The leather chinscales embellished with chains draped over the back of the head (the upper row of chain is missing) on brass bosses, smooth circlet. An oval crowned emblem with the cipher "MJK" in embossed brass between a hanging chain. Sweatband and coarse linen lining (torn). A red wool brush inset on the side (well replaced, broken). Lacquered brass cockade (diameter 5.3 cm). Partly incomplete (some mounting components have been lost or replaced), damaged, signs of age.
Extremely rare, museum-quality piece dating from the wars of 1806 - 1813, cf. Seibold/Schulz, "Die Helme der Königlich Bayerischen Armee 1806-1918", Gröbenzell 1999, pp. 9 - 13.

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