Lot 3190

A Russian silver-mounted shashka for Cossack officers from the time of Tsar Nicholas II (1894 - 1917), circa 1915

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Post-auction sale

Post-auction sale


Slightly curved blade with wide central groove and double fuller on both sides, the forte finely etched on both faces, the obverse with the Tsar's cipher for Nicholas II, the reverse with a cavalry battle scene surmounting the tsarist double eagle and the Cyrillic maker's mark "Гузунов" (Guzunov), the blade only slightly spotty. The hilt elaborately decorated in niello. Leather-covered scabbard with silver mounts also decorated in niello, the locket with Arabic inscription at back, the mounts with hallmark for 84 zolotniki. Well preserved. Overall length 101.4 cm.
Excellent craftsmanship. The high quality identifies the original owner as a high-ranking person. The maker "Guzunov" was a famous gold and silver smith from Dagestan. He started practicing his craft in the late 19th century. The workshop existed until 1923.

Condition: II

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