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An extremely rare helmet appliqué in cuirass shape for generals and officers of the Russian 2nd Pskovsky Life Dragoons Regiment of Her Imperial Majesty Maria Feodorovna, circa 1910/1913

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Brass, partially gilt, silver-plated, enamelled and engraved. An appliquéd silver guard star with the cipher of Empress Maria Feodorovna in the centre. Four screws and a label from the Evgeny Mollo collection with the number "55" on the back. Dimensions 13.9 x 11.7 cm. Extremely opulent finish, of superior quality. By all accounts, it was originally part of the Evgeny Mollo collection (1904-1985). Comes with extensive information material and description, including several photocopies of this helmet appliqué from the Mollo collection. To our knowledge, this is the only appliqué known to have survived. This very piece is described and illustrated in the Russian magazine "Zeughaus", no. 14 (02.2001), p. 37 (tr.): "In the last issue of 'Zeughaus', we talked about the pictures of cuirasses, which were introduced on 13 November 1910 by order no. 629 of the military division to replace the state coat of arms on the helmets of the 2nd Pskovsky Life Dragoons Regiment ... Unfortunately, after the drawings were published, we were unable to find any photographs of the shields. It was difficult even to imagine that some had survived. However, after the article was published, a genuine piece was fortunately found in a private collection. To round off the article, we are presenting a photograph of this unique specimen. A. Kibovsky". Cf.: The Russian Imperial Cavalry 1881-1917, Gerard Gorokhoff, Moscow, 2008, p. 116.; "Zeughaus" no. 13, 2001, p. 34.

Condition: II

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