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A uniform of a Russian retired general and aide-de-camp of Tsar Nicholas II in the Tsar's Cossack Life Guard Convoy, circa 1900

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Uniform set consisting of a cherkesska, beshmet, trousers, papakha, bashlyk. The cherkesska of fine scarlet cloth with gold lace edging and pipings. On the chest 24 gasyri, the metal parts made of silver and decorated in niello. With shoulder boards for the retired general, attached to the right shoulder the aiguillette for the aide-de-camp with silver tags. The coat with blue and silver silk lining. The exterior of the coat with small moth holes, lining damaged. The fur hat/papakha made of the same scarlet fabric with gold lace and white fur, the obverse with silver and enamelled star emblem and cockade. White shirt (beshmet) of fine cloth, slightly yellowed. Blue breeches with wide red stripe. With bashlyk. The set is in good condition.
Extremely rare. Only one other uniform, kept by Tsar Nicholas II in Tsarskoye Selo, is known to exist, however without the papakha.
The Life Guard Cossacks were an elite unit of the Imperial Russian Army which belonged to the Guard Corps and the escort ("konvoi" in Russian) of the Tsar (Собственный Его Императорского Величества Конвой). The convoy of the Tsar consisted of the 1st and 2nd Kuban Life Guards and the 3rd and 4th Terek Cossack Life Guards. Each sotnia was made up of 130 cossacks, in war 245.

Condition: II

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