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The rarest uniform of the Russian Imperial Army - Drummer of the Company of Palace Grenadiers (Golden Company), circa 1906

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Black-green tunic with scarlet collar, cuffs, and plastron, special gilt lace of real silver (silver content ca. 80 %). 26 gilt buttons with Russian double eagle. Lining stamped "RDG 1906" (Рота Дворцовых Гренадер). Partially reworked, professionally restored. Swallow's nests, shoulderboards, Brandenburg style cuffs, belt, the lace and fabric replaced here and there. Signs of age, small moth damages. Very elaborate and fine work. The company of palace grenadiers consisted of 117 members and had only one drummer who wore such a uniform, which is therefore considered to be the rarest uniform of the entire Russian Imperial Army. The company of palace grenadiers is a special, separate military unit of the Russian Imperial Guard, which served the Tsar in the Winter Palace as ceremonial guards and attended all festive events and parades.

Condition: III

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