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An extremely rare Russian uniform M 1827 of an officer of the Company of the Palace Grenadiers, 1st half of the 19th century

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Black-green tunic with scarlet collar and cuffs. The special gilt lace of real silver reflecting the privileged status of this palace guard. Partially reworked, lining replaced, several Russian stamps from theatre props. 24 gilt buttons with Russian double eagle of the Guard. Original epaulettes of later date (ca. 1910) for a staff captain with gold boards and crescent moons, four applied silvered stars, scarlet lining replaced. Signs of age, small moth holes. As far as we know this uniform is the only existent M 1827 officer's uniform from the company of palace grenadiers, which was a rarity even shortly after it was made. According to the statutes only five officers were designated for this unit. The uniform of this design was used until 1855 and then replaced by a newer model.
The palace grenadier company is a special, separate military unit of the Russian Imperial Guard which served the Tsar in the Winter Palace as ceremonial guards and took part in all festive events and parades. The police officers were ordered by the minister of the imperial court to constantly observe the activities of the palace attendants, were placed as guards in the chambers of the imperial family etc.

Condition: II -

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