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Prince Alfons of Bavaria (1862 - 1933) - a personal seal and a sealed envelope

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Sculpture of a navy cadet with straw hat and cadet’s dagger of silver-plated brass (slightly rubbed) on a gilt base. The silver seal surface with cut mirror monogram "A" underneath the royal Bavarian crown in the early form used by Prince Alfons circa 1880. Overall height 112 mm.Comes with an envelope addressed to Prince Alfons' future spouse "la Princesse Louise d'Orleans - Paris - 45 Avenue Friedland" in his own hand, with postmark dated 18 February (illegible year cypher, before April 1891), the reverse with well-preserved red wax mark stamped with this seal. Enclosed is a folded, printed image of the Prince.Prince Adalbert of Bavaria (1828 - 1875) was a great collector of seals belonging to famous contemporary personalities, a passion he shared with his son Prince Alfons, who added numerous spectacular objects to his father's collection until his death in 1933.
Provenance: ZAM - Zentrum für Außergewöhnliche Museen (Centre for Exceptional Museums), Munich. Displayed under inventory no. 41 in the special exhibition "Das Siegel in meiner Hand - Petschaften bedeutender Persönlichkeiten des 18., 19. und des frühen 20. Jhdts." (tr. "The seal in my hand - seals belonging to significant personalities of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries") from 23 July to 15 November 2001. Included are the former exhibition cards, two photographs and a copy of the press release for the exhibition, written by the director of the museum at the time.
This seal was exhibited in the ZAM together with a letter written by King Ludwig II to Prince Alfons of Bavaria.
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