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Prince Alfons of Bavaria - a photo album of the Wagner family and Bayreuth festival artists, 1900-30, with many autographs

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Over 100, mostly official photographs of Cosima and Richard Wagner, family picture with Richard Wagner from ca. 1880 (later print on photo postcard, on the verso a dedication by Siegfried Wagner to Prince Alfons written with the left hand after his car accident injury), photo postcard of Richard Wagner's grave from Eva Chamberlain to Prince Alfons and with autograph of Siegfried Wagner, baby picture of Wolfgang Wagner with dedication by Eva Chamberlain on the verso. Felix Mottl with ink autograph (Wagner conductor, teacher of Siegfried Wagner, royal Bavarian director general for music), Dr. Ernst von Possart with ink autograph (director general and manager of the royal Bavarian court theatre), the Wagner conductors Karl Muck and Hans Richter, the Wagner singers Hermine Bosetti, Margarete Preuse-Matzenauer, Rudolf Berger, Felix von Kraus, Alfons Schützendorf-Bellwidt, Luise Reuss-Belce with ink autograph (later theatre agent), Lilly Hafgren-Waag, Ellen Gulbranson with two signed portraits, Anna Bahr-Mildenburg, Mary Wittich, Katharina Fleischer-Edel, Berta Morena with two signed portraits, Martha Leffler-Murckard, Carl Braun, Fritz Vogelstorm, Hans Breuer, Fritz Feinhals, Professor Dr. Alfred von Bary with two signed portraits (probably the most distinguished Wagner tenor), Allen C. Hinckley, Clarence Whitehill, Alois Burgstaller, Nicola Geisse-Winkel, Ernst Kraus, Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Charles Dalmorès, Paul Bender with signature, Friedrich Brodersen with signature, Adrienne von Kraus-Osborne, Maud Fay, Paul Klante, Walter Soomer, Minnie Saltzmann-Stevens, Heinrich Hensel, Karl Schröder, Else Jülich, Richard Mayr, Hermine d'Albert, Werner Engel. Also a few group and stage photographs as well as a "Ruftafel" for the Germanic March Association of the Male Choral Society "Germania" for Prince Alfons of Bavaria (ca. 1930). Enclosed two letters from Dr. Ernst von Possart to Prince Alfons (1900 and 1913), two letters from Felix Mottl to Prince Alfons and his adjutant, respectively (1905 and 1909), as well as the rare "Biographien der Künstler" (ca. 1912) in an envelope addressed to Prince Joseph Clemens of Bavaria. Important photo album of the Wagner Festival (only few artists of that time are not represented) with very personal and affectionate autographs of the family.
Provenance: Prince Alfons of Bavaria (1862 - 1933). Hermann Historica, 52nd Auction 2007, lot 6031.
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