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A significant ceremonial sabre - presented to Major David Ogilvy by the Brechin Volunteer Infantry Corps, 1808

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The single-edged blade blued and gilt over its entire length, with broad, shallow fullers reaching almost to the point on both sides. Lavish embellishments with the crowned cipher "GR", the royal coat of arms, Prince of Wales's feathers, Greek goddesses, angels and putti amidst floral tendrils and oak leaf decoration. A large dedication cartouche on the reverse with a gilt inscription in the style of Lloyd's swords "PRESENTED BY THE NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS & PRIVATES OF THE BRECHIN VOL.R INFANTRY TO DAVID OGILVY ESQ.R MAJOR OF THAT CORPS IN TESTIMONY OF THEIR ESTEEM AND RESPECT FOR HIM AS AN OFFICER AND GENTLEMAN - A.D. 1808". The gilt ricasso adorned with leafy vines and the manufacturer's mark "Woolley, Deakin, Dutton & Johnson" on the reverse and the banner "Warranted" on the obverse. The fire-gilt, chased and partly openworked knuckle-bow hilt with a lion's head pommel, the bow with ears of corn tied as a bundle and a laurel wreath, the star-shaped crosspieces with angels' heads in relief. Spirally carved ivory grip (one tension crack due to age and a small chip on the edge). Black leather scabbard with three fire-gilt brass fittings and two suspension rings, the front engraved with scenes of dragons and trophies, each on a hatched background, delicate foliage décor on the back. Length of the sabre 83.5 cm, total length 85.5 cm.

The Brechin Volunteer Infantry Corps was founded in Angus in 1799, along with 15 other corps, in response to the fears of an invasion by France ever since the French Revolution.

The Ogilvy clan has been one of Scotland's most noble families since the end of the 13th century. In 1296, Patrick de Ogilvy swore an oath of allegiance to Edward I of England; however, this sons fought on the side of Robert I of Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence in the 14th century. In the 14th and 15th century, the Ogilvys were the hereditary judges (sheriffs) of Angus (Forfar) and supporters of the Royal House of Stuart in the 17th century. They also took part in the Jacobite risings of 1715 and 1745. However, the title of Earls of Airlie, which was conferred on the family in 1639 and subsequently withdrawn, was not re-bestowed upon the Ogilvys until 1896. The present chief of the clan, David Ogilvy, the 13th (or 8th) Earl of Airlie, served as Lord Chamberlain of the Household of Queen Elisabeth II from 1984 to 1997.

Magnificent presentation sabre in outstanding condition, of enormous historical significance for Scotland.

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