Lot 4220

Empress Elisabeth of Austria – the bodice of a black and white lace gown

International Orders and Military Collectibles | A80m | Live auction | 1049 Lots

Hammer price € 9,500

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The white lace lavishly embellished with silver sequins and appliquéd black lace at the shoulder, the nape of the neck and the breast. The long sleeves made of unlined black lace, with cuffs of sequined, white lace. The stand-up collar in white lace with a black lace trim, in a leaf shape. The waistband and stand-up collar hemmed with a light blue silk ribbon, a decorative bow in light blue silk appliquéd on the front. Whalebone reinforcements sewn into the white silk lining. Linen-covered rubber pads are stitched under the arms to absorb sweat, bearing the manufacturer's label "Kleinert - The Best - Feather Weight". A white silk waist belt sewn inside. A silk label with the light blue, crowned monogram "E" sewn into the inside at the neck. The pads under the arms have hardened and become stiff due to age, the extremely delicate material damaged in places (stand-up collar), otherwise in beautiful condition.Condition:II - Questions about the lot?

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Day 1 of our live auction "International Orders and Military Collectibles" includes 1061 lots. The auction starts on Monday, November 18, 2019 at 10:00 am with Orders and Decorations (lot no. 3851 - 3987) and continue afterwards with Military Collectibles (lot no. 3991 - 4916). The pre-sale viewing will take place from Wednesday, 6.11. until Sunday, 10.11., and on Sunday, 17.11.2019 from 2 to 6 pm (CET).