Lot 773

A Mycenaean krater with depiction of a chariot procession, Late Helladic IIIA, 14th century B.C.

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The large amphora composed of red fragments with geometric and figurative painting in red and black. The completely black base tapering slightly to the top, the lower section of the body embellished with horizontal stripes (four groups of three continuous rings), ornamental stripes also on the neck. The shoulder area with a depiction of a chariot procession: a total of four chariots are shown, three of which each with a driver and a passenger. The first chariot to the right of the handle presumably with an enthroned person (possibly a deity), the front chariot with two people, the rear passenger with raised arms, shielding the charioteer.
Expertly restored from large fragments with a few minor additions (less than 3 %). A hole in the base, one handle has been lost. The edge with antique knocks here and there, otherwise intact. Height 45 cm, diameter approx. 38 cm, diameter of the rim 29 cm. An exceptional depiction in terms of size and attention to detail.

Provenance: From an old South German private collection, inherited from the consignor's father.

Condition: II - Questions about the lot?

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