Lot 727

An outstanding Hellenistic gold medallion with a Nereid, 3rd century B.C.

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Exquisitely wrought medallion with a Nereid riding on a sea monster. The naked back of the daughter of the Greek sea god Nereus is turned towards the viewer. Decorative hoops adorn her upper and lower arms. An implement can be seen in her raised left hand. The masterfully composed scene is worked in half relief, details such as the hairstyle of the Nereid and the scale armour of the monster are rendered in fine cold work. Flat gold foil on the reverse, its flanged edge gently framing the main medallion. A wide ring eyelet on top. Minimal traces of wear. Intact. Diameter 6.7 cm. Weight 25.2 g.

Provenance: From a Swiss private collection. Acquired on the British art market. Previously in the Ian Woodner Collection, USA.

Condition: II + Questions about the lot?

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