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A cartridge box in officer‘s version from the palace guard under Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico, 1864 – 1867

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Silver, origially gilt brass fittings and red Morocco leather. The silver lid with partly legible Viennese mark of fineness for 13-loth silver from the year "1(8)6?" and applied cypher "M I M" underneath the Mexican imperial crown. The fittings on the sides with trophies in relief and the suspension loops also made of silver. The wooden box covered with red Morocco leather, complete with slightly torn fastening strap. Dimensions approx. 15.5 x 8.5 x 3.5 cm.Of utmost rarity. Most soldiers of the palace guard were either killed during the siege of Queretaro or were executed together with the emperor. Like other European guards, the palace guard of Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico was made up entirely of officers; only higher officers were permitted to wear equipment in officer’s version, whereas the lower ranks wore the more simple "version for enlisted men". The emperor is said to have designed all details of the uniforms himself during his six weeks’ voyage to Mexico. In more than 600 pages, he specified the audience etiquette, medal awards and the seating arrangements at court dinners.
Cf. a helmet of the palace guard, Hermann Historica, 77th auction, 2018, lot 6560, sold for 135,000 euros.Condition:II - Questions about the lot?

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