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Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico (1832-67) - a letter dated 19 September 1866 written and signed in his own hand

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Double sheet, three pages written in Spanish in his own hand and dated "Alcázar de Chapultepec - Setiembre 19 de 1866". The emperor thanks a marquis for the receipt of a letter sent from Brussels and for the marquis' support during the visit of Empress Carlota to Napoleon III in Paris. He also (still) believes that the visit of the empress in Paris would disperse the small clouds that momentarily tainted his good relations with the French emperor. Handwritten signature "Maximilian". Minimally stained, otherwise in excellent condition.Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph Maria of Austria, younger brother of the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef I, was proclaimed Emperor of Mexico on 10 April 1864. Contrary to the truth, Napoleon III had made him believe that the Mexican people wanted to be ruled by a Hapsburg emperor. He even conveyed a referendum to Maximilian that had been manipulated by Juarez‘ opponents. When the French troops had to leave Mexico after the end of the American Civil War, the emperor lost the last European support against Juarez. After that, Empress Carlota (Charlotte of Belgium) travelled to Europe to ask Napoleon III and Pope Pius IX for support, but to no avail. In May 1867, the city of Querétaro, where the emperor had entrenched himself together with his followers, fell to the enemy and Maximilian was sentenced to death and executed.Condition:I - II Questions about the lot?

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