Lot 3859

A Chinese Order of the Cloud and Banner, 2nd Class jewel, complete with breast star and original ribbon, 1st Republic

International Orders and Military Collectibles | A80m | Live auction | 1049 Lots


Silver, partly gilt, faceted and enamelled (jewel on both sides), breast star with pin on the reverse as well as inscription and struck number "674". Enamel restored in some places. Diameter of jewel 72 mm, weight 76.5 g. Diameter of breast star 83 mm, weight 104 g. On a broad original ribbon (length 87 cm, width 90 mm) with beautiful silk moiré.Condition:II Questions about the lot?

General Information

Day 1 of our live auction "International Orders and Military Collectibles" includes 1061 lots. The auction starts on Monday, November 18, 2019 at 10:00 am with Orders and Decorations (lot no. 3851 - 3987) and continue afterwards with Military Collectibles (lot no. 3991 - 4916). The pre-sale viewing will take place from Wednesday, 6.11. until Sunday, 10.11., and on Sunday, 17.11.2019 from 2 to 6 pm (CET).