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A four-piece South German set of Renaissance serving cutlery in a tooled case, mid 16th century

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Post-auction sale

Post-auction sale


Two large serving knives, the broad blades both stamped with the Passau wolf mark on one side. An openwork brass ferrule at the root of each knife. The handles and knobs made of bronze with scant remnants of gilding. The handles inlaid with dark horn and bone in a delicate chequered pattern. The central fuller embellished with openwork and covered in red underlaid sheet brass. One meat knife with a single-edged blade, the rounded tip with three dot-shaped brass inlays. A large, two-pronged fork with a finely chiselled and twisted shank. The knobs wrought in the shape of heads. In the original, wood-lined case of tooled leather. Damaged near the chape, slightly restored here and there, one eyelet loop has been lost. Length of the cutlery 36.5 to 49 cm, including the case 53 cm.
A rare set of cutlery, which was used to disjoint and serve game and poultry at court banquets. Cf. a similar, five-piece set in the Deutsches Klingenmuseum Solingen (inv. no. 2009.B.022), and a four-piece imperial set illustrated in "Kunstkammer Georg Laue, Kostbare Bestecke für die Kunstkammern Europas", Munich, 2010.
Attention - USA lot: the cutlery is already in Munich, but with temporary import only. Final customs clearance will be effected after the auction. The buyer will be charged his local VAT, duty (if applicable) and the customs broker fee.

Provenance: Blumka Gallery, New York, from the collection of Dr. Jerome Zwanger, New York.

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