Lot 1038

A set of Persian armour, chiselled and inlaid in gold, 1st half of the 19th century

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The three-piece set made of wootz-Damascus, comprising a helmet (kulah khud), a shield (sipar) and a forearm guard (bazu band). The skull of the helmet forged in one piece, with an offset, forge-welded brim. The riveted crown plate with a screw-mounted, quadrangular spike. The movable nasal bar with a locking screw, flanked by two iron plume sockets. Lavish, chiselled décor with depictions of mounted huntsmen and falconers, a border of calligraphic cartouches along the lower edge. The edges of the chiselled cartouches framed with gold inlays. The attached chain mail made of closed iron and brass rings, placed end to end. The distinctly domed shield with a riveted brass flange. Four semi-circular shield bosses. The ornamentation matching that on the helmet. The distinctly domed arm guard with attached wrist protector and iron buckles. Height of the helmet 66 cm, diameter of the shield 42.5 cm, length of the arm guard 35 cm.

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