Lot 1003

A deluxe Ottoman shamshir with gilt mounts and diamond-studded guard, circa 1830

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The slightly curved, single-edged blade forged in finely figured wootz-Damascus. The quillons in fire-gilt silver with floral engraving, set with diamonds on the front to form a crescent and star, surrounded by ten old-cut diamonds in silver claw settings. Rhinoceros horn grip plates, intricately engraved, gilt grip frames. The scabbard covered in black shagreen leather with a broad seam of silver wire. The gilt silver furniture with delicately engraved friezes of acanthus leaves. Two movable suspension rings. Length 95.5 cm.

Provenance: Collection of the Royal House of Hanover at Cumberland Castle, Austria. The shamshir is described and illustrated on p. 344 of the 1890 collection catalogue. Auction at Sotheby's, Marienburg 2005, lot no. 3607.

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