Lot 410

A LePage, Gerard system, Brasilian model, shooting award

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A80s | Live auction | 918 Lots


Cal. .380, Nr. 18, Almost bright bore, octagonal drop barrel, barrel length 125 mm. 6 shots. ELG proof mark. Barrel and cylinder are folded up, case extractor is automatically extended. On left side of barrel housing marked "Th. Gerard / Bte. Liège", on the right "Acier Fondu", on top strap golden dedication "Prix du Gouvernement". Original finish of barrel and cylinder, lightly spotted. Frame case hardened. Hammer, trigger and drop mechanism thinly strawed. Dark walnut grip panels with fine chequering. Lanyard loop.
German export license required: yes

Condition:I - II

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