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Colonel Hans Ritter and Edler von Rauscher (1889 – 1957) – a uniform tunic 1937 with Freicorps Epp badge of the Director General of the Wittelsbach Compensation Fund

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Fine, field-grey cloth, dark green collar, the collar patches somewhat soiled, sewn-on shoulder boards, numerous order loops, on the left sleeve the Freikorps Epp badge of non-ferrous metal on a black lozenge. The lining with tailor’s label "Kuhn & Nupnau, München", inside the breast pocket wearer’s label by Kuhn & Nupnau with handwritten inscription "Major Hans von Rauscher" and stamped date "24. Mai 1937". Worn, somewhat soiled. Comes with a colour photocopy of an identification card signed by him and a certification dated April 1920.Hans von Rauscher was Director General of the Wittelsbach Compensation Fund (WAF) in the 1920s and 30s. In that function he let out the northern part of the castle grounds to the Feldafing Golf Club to be used as a golf course in 1927, and there is evidence that in 1932 he took part in an agricultural conference as representative of the WAF together with Darré and Himmler. Presumably during World War I he married Princess Maria Rosa von Wrede (1896 – 1920) and, after her premature demise, her sister Princess Maria Sidonia von Wrede (1892-83).Comes with a dedication photograph of his brother-in-law Carl, 5th Prince von Wrede (1899 – 1945), great-great-grandson of the Bavarian General Field Marshal and 1st Prince von Wrede, Carl Philipp. Wedding photograph in Wehrmacht uniform with Sophie Hedwig Countess Schaffgotsch, called Semperfrei (1916 – 2008), the lower edge with handwritten ink signatures "Sophie Fürstin v. Wrede" and "Carl Fürst v. Wrede", respectively. Under glass, in a mount and wooden frame. Dimensions 29 x 21.5 cm.

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