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Colonel Walter Vogel - a Knight’s Cross, a German Cross in Gold and a pay book

International Military History from 1919 | O88r | Online auction | 837 Lots


Knight’s Cross in the early version produced by Steinhauer & Lück, Type A with "Micro 800". The blackened iron centre (traces of wear) in a silver frame, below the eyelet the somewhat smaller punch "800", the suspension ring with pointed ends equally punched "800". Width 48.3 mm, weight with suspension ring 29.8 g. Original ribbon section with rubber band sewn at a later date and modern case.German Cross in Gold in the light version manufactured by Zimmermann of Pforzheim with four hollow rivets and inserted attachment pin system. The polished pin punched "20" on the bottom. Traces of wear, the gilding almost rubbed off. Width 62.9 mm. Weight 44.9 g. Comes with a modern case. Pay book duplicate issued on 1 December 1942 by Grenadier Regiment 6, as major with promotions up to colonel. Passport photograph removed, six order entries, among them Demyansk Shield, German Cross in gold and Knight’s Cross. The award of the Oakleaves was entered – for unknown reasons – after the war. Comes with photographs.Walter Vogel (1906-97) entered the Reichswehr in 1925, was awarded the German Cross in Gold and the Knight’s Cross during the Battle of Demyansk in the Infantry Regiment and Grenadier Regiment 6 of the 30th ID, respectively.

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