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A museum reproduction of the parchment document of appointment of Hermann Göring to General Field Marshal dated 4 February 1938

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Parchment, the text (tr.) "I promote the Reich Minister of Aviation and Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe Generaloberst Hermann Göring to General Field Marshal – Berlin, 4 February 1938 – The Führer and Reichskanzler" written in calligraphic gold letters, underneath it ink signature "Adolf Hitler" and large blind embossed seal.
After Werner von Blombergs appointment on 20 April 1936, Hermann Göring became second General Field Marshal of the Wehrmacht on 4 February 1938 and, as von Blomberg resigned from active service a few days before Göring’s appointment due to the Blomberg-Fritsch affair, he remained the highest-ranking Wehrmacht soldier until Raeder was appointed Grand Admiral on 1 April 1939, a position he reassumed upon his promotion to Reichsmarschall on 19 July 1940. Cf. also the large promotion document of Hermann Göring to Reichsmarschall, Hermann Historica, auction 32, lot 4700.
Excellent craftsmanship. In our opinion, the object at hand is not the original document.

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