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A gala costume of a Hungarian magnate, 2nd half of the 19th century

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The dolman in multi-coloured silk brocade with woven leaf patterns, silver gilt metal threads (darkened), lavish, ornately braided lacing on the collar, placket, cuffs, lower hem and back, spherical, stone-studded, metal buttons (three of which are missing) in the form of flower heads, champagne-coloured silk lining with one breast pocket and two coat-tail pockets. Comes with the sumptuous overskirt (mente) in violet velvet and brown fur trim, silver gilt lacing, spherical metal buttons (three missing) on the placket and both slashed sleeves (which can be fastened), the black silk lining not complete. Some parts incomplete, minor losses to the fabric, rips, signs of age. In unrestored condition. Extremely rare find, almost unobtainable.These magnate costumes were worn by the Hungarian nobility on special occasions, such as the coronation of Kaiser Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary in Budapest in 1867 or at the millennium celebration in Budapest in 1896. For example, Count Ödön von Szechenyi, Count Andrassy and Prince Esterhazy wore similar gala costumes at important ceremonial occasions. Almost identical garments form part of the collections of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (Inv. no. N 158) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (Inv. no. 1977.47a-m). Similar pieces can also be found in the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest.

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