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A Japanese shitogi tachi, dated 1867

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Blade shinogi-zukuri, chu-kissaki, torii-zori, muji hada. Slender choji hamon, midare-komi boshi with short kaeri. Scratches, finger marks and corrosion in the kissaki area. Gilt copper habaki, with corrosion underneath. Nakago ubu with two mekugi-ana, labelled "Unryusai Joshitsugu, Keio San Nen Hachi Gatsu Hi" (August 1867), (YOS 1733 10 points). Shitogi tachi mounting dating from the Meiji era. Same-wrapped tsuka with gilt rice balls and menukis with three ginkgo mon. Damaged and abraded shitogi tsuba, nashiji lack-saya with gilt, smooth copper fittings engraved with chrysanthemums. Kushi kane butsu and fuchi completed with unassociated parts. Yamagata kanemonos on the front in gilt copper openwork with chrysanthemum décor, shakudo plaques engraved with chrysanthemums on the back, with small aoi mon on the top (one has been lost). Length k/m 77 cm, total length 112 cm.

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