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A portrait of Honoré Gabriel de Riqueti, Marquis de Mirabeau, circa 1790

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Oil on canvas. Riqueti is shown sat at his desk, surrounded by documents. Holding a portfolio in his right hand, the draft of a speech in his left: "Soyez fermes et non pas opiniâtres; courageux et non pas tumultueux; libres, mais non pas indisciplinés; sensibles, mais non pas enthousiastes. 1790". Illegible signature at the bottom left, dated "179?".. Restored with slight retouching, a restored crack in the background on the left. Sturdy modern varnish. Re-lined, the stretcher replaced. Dimensions 45.5 x 35.5 cm.Honoré Gabriel Victor de Riqueti (1749-91): Comte de Mirabeau, from 13 July 1789 Marquis de Mirabeau. A French politician, physiocrat, writer and publisher during the Age of Enlightenment, he supported the French Revolution and, in the early days, served as a delegate and spokesman of the Third Estate in the Estates General and was a member of the circle in the Society of Thirty. In 1791, he served as president of the constitutional National Assembly.Owing to his sudden, early demise on 2 April 1791, it is suspected that he was poisoned.

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