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A Mockup Device M16 A2

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Model for the demonstration of the function of an M16 A2, made of cast aluminium, sheet metal, and plastic. The model was manufactured for training purposes and was enlarged to a scale of 2:1. To illustrate how the assault rifle works, windows were inserted where the movable parts are located in the casing and the butt stock. The model has weaker springs to illustrate how the springs works. The components of the breechblock are highlighted in differently coloured plastic, as is the trigger mechanism. The magazine is also functional and removable. It includes 27 plastic dummy cartridges; these can be inserted and extracted from the chamber. Mounted on a board with two stands. Length 195 cm, height 66 cm. Also including the original transportation case with clamps for table mounting, a set of spare springs and a container to collect the dummy cartridges. Including the "Operation and Maintenance Guide for 2.1 Scale Mockup of M16A2 Rifle. Distribution limited to U.S. Government Agencies only" from March 1987. A complete description with sectional drawings, lists of spare parts etc. as it was sold to the U.S. Army at the time.
The M16 A2 Mockup Devices (DVC09-20) bear the supplies number (NSN) 6920-01-067-1681 and were put into service to introduce the AR model 1984. These training models were withdrawn and destroyed in the mid-1990s. Only a small number of them are still existent, for example in the Army Museum in Fort Polk, Louisiana, and in Fort Carson, Colorado. The models were designed according to the manual to "support classroom training to illustrate the function, disassembly and assembly of the assault rifle M16A2, 5.56 mm calibre, and to help students learn the names and look of the weapon components." Description of the model: the present training tool is a 2:1 model of the M16A2 rifle. All parts are functioning, but the rifle cannot fire any shots. The model can be operated in all firing modes to exemplify selective fire. It can be disassembled and assembled like an original weapon by performing the same steps as the real AR.

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