Lot 2921

A Spanish king's guard flintlock pistol Mod. 1753/89, made 1799

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A89s | Live auction | 1043 Lots


Octagonal to round barrel, length 270 mm, lightly swamped. Smooth bore in calibre 18 mm. Above the breech an unknown gunsmiths mark, the engraved herald of "Castilia-Leon" and "GVARA DEL CVUERPO DEL RAY". On the left hand side of the barrel unit markings "C.F.1.B.21". The underside of the barrel marked "1799", "DVI" and "IV". Barrel breech and breech mark also marked "IV", apparently an assembly number. The barrel pitted on the outside. Silver front sight. Iron Miquelet lock with acceptance marks "Crown/B", the inside of the lock marked "ZABALA" (Zabala/Eibar). Brass furniture. Walnut full-stock with signs of age and wear, a glued crack in the fore-end, hidden by the ramrod. The initial oval with the herald of Castilia-Leon. Wooden ramrod, probably original. The barrel pin renewed. Mechanically sound. Length circa 45 cm.

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