Lot 2920

A flintlock cavalry pistol Mod. 1789, made 1789

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Octagonal to round barrel, lightly swamped. Barrel length 320 mm, smooth bore, caliber 18 mm. On the rear barrel top a hard to read maker's mark, most likely "Zuloaga/Eibar". Ahead of maker's mark the engraved herald of Castilia-Leon and the name of the military unit, the "REGIMto DE CABALLa DEL YNFANTE". The underside of the barrel marked "CAG 1789 C", acceptance marks "crown/J" and "21". The breechplug also marked "21" (assembly number). Iron Miquelet lock with acceptance mark "crown/V", the inside marked "SA". Brass furniture, the lock plate marked "9/31", belt hook missing. Walnut full stock with signs of wear. The stock
cracked in the center, barely visible from the outside. The escutcheon with the emblem of Castilia-Leon. Original ramrod with brass tip.
Mechanically sound. Length circa 50 cm. Condition: II - III

Condition: II - III Questions about the lot?

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