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A Colt Navy Mod. 1861, factory engraved, ivory grips

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Cal. 36 Blackpowder, SN. 35370, matching numbers. Almost bright bore with some frosting. 7½" round barrel, German silver front sight. Six shots. Manufacturing date 1871. The barrel marked "- Address Col. Saml Colt New-York U.S.America -", the left side of the frame "Colts / Patent". Cylinder with naval battle scene, marked "Colts Patent No 5370". Punchmarks around the serial number indicate a replacement cylinder. Profusely vine and scroll engraved throughout. Brass trigger guard and front strap. The trigger guard below the serial number marked "BL". The main spring marked "R.F.ENEWOL[D]", indicating that this gun comes from the well-known Colt collector Robert F. Enewold from Reno, Nevada. It was probably him who added the ivory grips to this gun, showing a snake an the left hand side, an eagle on the right. Mechanically sound. Length 35 cm.
Accompanied by a contemporary "Slim Jim" or "California" holster of russet leather in good condition with solid stitching, minor damage in the hammer area. Belt loop.

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