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A Colt Model 1860 Army, Richards Conversion, engraved, circa 1876, with ivory grip and holster

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Cal. 44, SN. 4196, numbers as usual not matching. 5½" barrel with frosted bore. Six shots. Single Action. Converted in 1876. On top of barrel marking "ADDRESS COL. SAML COLT NEW-YORK U.S. AMERICA", to the left of the frame two-line patent data. Serial number "4196" on the barrel, frame, trigger guard, bottom strap. The cylinder with roller engraved naval engagement scene, marked "COLTS PATENT NO 2093", below which "Pat. Sept. 10th 1850". The loading gate and the top of the arbor pin with the conversion numbers "2545" resp. "2749". Trigger guard and front strap brass. Lanyard ring removed. The original finish rubbed off. Frame, barrel and grip with nice floral engraving, probably factory engraving. Ivory grip. Mechanically sound. Length ca. 32 cm.
Between 1873 and 1878 about 9000 Mod. 1860 Army percussion revolvers were converted based on the Richards design. The recoil shield was shortened and a breechplate inserted, featuring an integral rear sight, firing pin and loading gate. The original firing pin on the hammer had to be removed.
Set with contemporary holster of strong russet hide with belt loop, solid stitching, floral embossing and a damaged tip.

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