Lot 2436

A ship revolver, circa 1900

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Cal. 24 (ca. 14 mm), SN. 17, a stepped, smooth round barrel resembling a canon, length 202 mm. Cylinder for 12 rounds, hollow on the inside, with loading hatch. Proof mark double crown/ U (2 gr N.G.P. M/71). DA only. No maker’s name etc. Overall length 380 mm. Weight 3,850 g. Made of cast steel, brushed, grey, finely pitted.
Before the imperial navy commissioned a new warship, such revolvers were used around 1900 in large ship models. At that time the Germans were enthusiastic about their navy, and so-called navy or fleet shows were staged to entertain the crowds. Artificial basins or lakes were surrounded by bleachers for several thousand spectators. The warship models which were built for these events were several meters long and spacious enough for one man to lie inside and operate the electric drive and oar. The audience was especially impressed when the authentic looking canons were fired. On the outside the revolver barrel looked like a canon. On the inside the mounted revolver was fired by the operator who pulled a string. Only blanks were used.

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