Lot 2151

A pair of fine deluxe flintlock pistols with chiselled mounts, S. Charlet à Lyon, circa 1700

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A89s | Live auction | 1043 Lots


Two-stage, smooth bore barrels, octagonal, then round, in 14 mm calibre. The central section with finely chiselled fullers on a chased background. Signed "S. Charlet" at the breeches, engraved tangs. The slightly domed lock plates with engraved and chiselled embellishment, both signed "S. Charlet à Lyon". The cocks and frizzen covers chased with decorative tendrils in relief, the cock screws carved as mascarons in half relief. The full stocks slightly carved in beautifully grained walnut, one forearm cracked in the middle. The lock side plates with fine openwork, chiselled and engraved with a grotesque figure amidst tendrils. Iron furniture with chased ornaments of mascarons and tendrils in relief. A three-dimensional portrait of Caesar chiselled into each of the butt caps. Original, iron-tipped wooden ramrods. Length of each 49.5 cm.

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