Lot 2099

A luxury Italian miquelet rifle with chiselled decoration, Brescia, circa 1680

Fine Antique and Modern Firearms | A89s | Live auction | 1043 Lots


Round barrel with smooth bore in cal. 18 mm. Deeply chiselled tendril-shaped designs on the muzzle, the top of the breech decorated with embossed scenes in three segments: an antique warrior, young Herakles with the snake and a mascaron with leaves between the two. Openworked lockplate richly engraved with tendrils, a sitting lion on the left. The iron sideplate openworked as well, with finely engraved scrollwork designs and grotesque heads. A later walnut stock. Openworked butt cap, with a warriors head to sit the rifle on. Openworked iron mounts, the trigger guard decorated with mascarons. Wooden ramrod with chiselled iron tip. Length 93.5 cm.

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