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A deluxe flintlock rifle with breech-loading system, Johann Krach of Ebenau near Salzburg, circa 1660

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Octagonal-to-hexadecagonal barrel, rifled bore in cal. 17 mm. Original finish slightly worn, mottled. Silver front sight, dovetailed gilt brass rear sight. The signature "Johann Krach" engraved at the breech, decorative bands chased at the breech-end of the barrel, to which flash pan and frizzen are bolted. The lockplate finely etched with floral ornaments. The half stock made of ebonised walnut with finely engraved ornamental fittings of fire-gilt brass. A depiction of a hound, deer and hare on the lid of the patch box, an appliqué with a putto and stag on the cheek piece. The butt plate made of fire-gilt iron, the number "23" on the underside of the butt. Iron trigger guard blued. Two iron attachments for a sling. Length 120 cm.
Early flintlock rifle with a rare breech-loading system. The barrel unscrews just ahead of the chamber. After charging powder and a slightly oversized ball the barrel is replaced, tightly pressing the ball into the rifling to properly seal the charge.
Johann Krach is documented as a gunsmith in Suhl and Salzburg from 1636 until 1686. Prior to 1636, he worked in Suhl. He married the daughter of Johann Paul Klett, the gunsmith in Ebenau near Salzburg who was head of the local prince-bishop's barrel manufactory. He worked in Ebenau until returning to Suhl in 1663.

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