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HJ-Obergebietsführer Willi Blomquist – a photograph album with approx. 130 photographs as HJ leader

International Military History from 1919 | A89r | Live auction | 900 Lots

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Neutral photograph album, dimensions approx. 32 x 23 cm, with roughly 130 photographs from his time as Gebietsführer, starting with a portrait postcard of Blomquist, pictures from his central office in Hanover with signage (tr.: “The Regional Commissioner of the Youth Leader”), marches with flags and standards, various photographs with other high-ranking HJ and party leaders, reviews of parades, standing at the lectern, large Gau convention, pictures with Blomquist at the desk of his office, bivouac, open day, Blomquist prone shooting and blowing a trumpet (!) and on a round tour with visitors, one photograph with an HJ military band, one with Blomquist in conversation with Hitler, inscribed on the reverse (tr.: “A small souvenir from Tommy for the Gebietsführer”). Photographs in the mountains/in Bavaria (each with stamp, copyright Hitler-Jugend-Bewegung e.V. Berlin), one picture of Blomquist with the Reich Minister congratulating him on his marriage to Magdalene in 1935. Photographs of Gau meetings of the HJ in Naumburg on the Weser river, very interesting photographs in HJ and party uniforms, partly close shots, visit of Baldur von Schirach, march through Hanover, one picture with Hitler (captioned by the press department: (tr.) “Today, 22 November 1943, the Führer welcomed the Gebietsführer of the HJ, in conversation with von Schirach”), one picture of Goebbels in conversation with the HJ leaders, one large-size photograph, dimensions 24 x 18 cm, close shot with HJ and SS men. Almost all pictures with photographer's stamp on the reverse. The photographs and postcards have various formats such as 8 x 6 cm, 11 x 7 cm, 14 x 9 cm etc. All pictures are very rare. In good condition with traces of age.

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