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HJ Obergebietsführer Willi Blomquist – an NSDAP membership book, an ID card bearing Hess' signature, two Hitler Youth leader identity cards and a membership card, an HJ Honour Badge and other personal documents

International Military History from 1919 | A89r | Live auction | 900 Lots

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The party membership book with a photograph of the bearer in his Hitler Youth Area Leader uniform, issued in Hannover on 19 May 1937, entries read: 1930 Political leader in Rostock, 1931 active SA member, awarded the Party Badge of the NSDAP by Hitler on 30 January 1943, certified in The Hague. The cover badly damaged and loose, a few of the contribution stamps enclosed. Moreover, an NSDAP identity card no. 1 as Area Leader of Lower Saxony in 1935 bearing the original signature of Rudolf Hess in ink and stamped "Der Stellvertreter des Führers", considerable signs of age. Includes an HJ leader ID card as Banner Leader, issued in 1934 by Area 9 (Westphalia). Another HJ leader identity card as Area Leader, issued in 1936 by Area 9 (Westphalia) with a photograph in uniform. An HJ membership card (not a leader ID card!), issued by Area 8 (Lower Saxony), with contribution stamps from 1936 to 1939. Plus a loose photograph in HJ uniform, measuring 3.5 x 4.5 cm, with a partial stamp on the left. Blomquist's driving licence, category 3, issued in 1934 in Münster with an early photograph, address is given as Adolf-Hitler-Strasse 40, stamped by the mayor. His health card, issued in 1937, occupation: HJ leader. Comes with the gold HJ Honour Badge, slightly faded, M/128 (Eugen Schmidhäussler, Pforzheim), RZM and Blomquist's early number 325. Three pins, a circular SA badge (Hofstätter, Bonn) and two by HV/Hannover, one with the inscription (tr.) "Loyalty is the essence of honour" (L&W, Hannover), and two portrait photographs, one with his NSDAP badge of honour. Overall in good condition despite signs of age, extremely rare find.

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