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HJ Obergebietsführer Willi Blomquist – various promotion and award certificates and other documents

International Military History from 1919 | A89r | Live auction | 900 Lots

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From his service as Senior Area Leader/Head of the Netherlands Command Post, including a certificate of appointment on headed paper, "Der Reichsjugendführer des Deutschen Reiches und Jugendführer der NSDAP" (tr.): "Effective 1 November 1942, I hereby appoint Area Leader Wilhelm Blomquist Head of the Netherlands Command Post", signed by Axmann. His promotion on the same headed paper (tr.): "Effective 20 April 1944, the Führer hereby promotes Area Leader Willi Blomquist .......- Head of the Netherlands Command Post - to Senior Area Leader. Berlin, 20 April 1944", signed by Axmann. A letter of congratulations dated 29 August 1944 (tr.): "...My sincerest congratulations on your promotion. Yours, Axmann (signature)". Another letter from Axmann, bearing Christmas greetings 1944, together with thanks for the exemplary and successful work for the Führer's youth....Yours, Axmann (the signature faded). Also, the notification of his father's death, addressed to his mother (tr.), "Your husband was killed by an artillery hit on 15 July 1943, to the north of Belgorod/Russia". Certified copy, Wesermünde, 30 August 1943, Ortsgruppe leader. The documents showing signs of age, rare.

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