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HJ-Obergebietsführer Willi Blomquist – a membership book and a photo album with approx. 75 photos from the early period of the SA

International Military History from 1919 | A89r | Live auction | 900 Lots

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Membership book of the NSDAP, No. 201284, edition 1927, issued on 19 March 1931, with many entries and a photograph of Willi Blomquist, stamps of the Reichsleitung of the NSDAP and the Local Group Süd-Hannover-Braunschweig, contribution stamps from 1931 to 1936, several official entries of the SA-Standarte 13, Münster, enclosed is a card of the NSDAP support fund with several vouchers dated 1936/37. The cover is loose, overall major traces of age. Comes with a neutral photograph album, approx. 31 x 21 cm, containing approx. 75 photographs from the early time of Blomquist, with pictures of the Stahlhelmbund, Rostock 1926/27, from 1930 onwards with pictures from the SA, many rare photographs from the early time of the party, also the ban on wearing uniforms 1931. Ceremony for the consecration of a table banner, marches, flag meetings, meetings of party members, Hitler rally with 4,500 SA men in the stadium of Gladbeck with standard bearers marching in, dimensions approx. ten rare pictures of Hitler in Gladbeck with stamp of the photographer’s studio Werland Westerhold/Westphalia, among others, with Blomquist and Gauleiter Meier, a large-size photograph of Goebbels in Berlin (picture taken by Alfred Sommer, Münster) and a further large-size photograph of the signal troop of Standarte 13 “Knickmann”. The photographs and postcards have various formats such as 6 x 9 cm, 17 x 12 cm, 22 x 14 cm etc. All pictures are very rare. In good condition with traces of age.

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